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About Dermlite

DermLite®, the world’s best-selling brand of handheld dermatoscopes, is made by 3Gen Inc., a medical device manufacturer with in-house research, development and assembly capabilities headquartered in Orange County, California.

Following the 2001 launch of the DermLite DL100, the first-ever polarized dermatoscope, the company’s successful user-centric efforts in creating ever more functional products, combined with its tireless support of skin cancer research and a worldwide presence at dermatology meetings, has helped to dramatically increase the use and ease of use of dermoscopy everywhere.

3Gen’s popular DermLite DL4 and DL200 Hybrid models combine polarized and non-polarized illumination with contact and non-contact capabilities in an elegant pocket-size design, enabling unsurpassed visualization of both pigmented and vascular structures. These as well as most of the company’s other models are compatible with virtually any smartphone to facilitate short-term or long-term mole monitoring. The company also manufactures dermatoscopes designed for camera use capable of capturing some of the highest quality dermatoscopic images using commercially available smartphone, point-and-shoot, mirrorless or SLR cameras.

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About Fotofinder

Cutting-edge skin imaging technology by FotoFinder at booths 3 and 7!

Since 1991, FotoFinder is setting the pace in skin imaging worldwide with solutions “Made in Germany”. The brand epitomizes cutting-edge technology for visualizing skin and hair and is present in more than 100 countries. The headquarters are based in Bavaria, with subsidiaries in Italy, Spain and the USA as well as a global partner network. FotoFinder is winner of the Bavarian Export Award and the Red Dot Design Award, and was honored as one of the most innovative companies in Lower Bavaria.

Automated Total Body Mapping – FotoFinder has revolutionized the skin check by introducing the bodystudio ATBM® for Automated Total Body Mapping. It allows a timesaving documentation of the skin surface according to the “two step method of digital follow-up” by intelligently combining dermoscopy and total body photography. The Bodyscan helps to detect new and changed lesions and to identify de novo melanoma at an earliest possible stage. Besides, the ATBM is used in aesthetics and for computerized PASI assessment. The new 2018 ATBM generation offers advanced features that have been approved by key opinion leaders worldwide.

Digital Dermoscopy – FotoFinder dermoscope is the standard of excellence in dermoscopy and mole mapping. The medicam 1000 offers the sharpest images in video dermoscopy with more detail in each pixel and spectacular image sharpness in Full HD live. The new D-Scope IV lens system for polarized and non-polarized images features strong zoom optics and high magnification with a continuous live-zoom. The lightweight alternative, FotoFinder leviacam, is winner of the Red Dot Design Award and stands for ultralight brilliance, delivering a full-size FotoFinder experience in the most compact camera.

FotoFinder also invented the original handyscope, the first mobile connected dermatoscope for iPhone and iPod touch. Pictures can be uploaded to the secure private web space FotoFinder Hub. From there, it is possible to manage images and request a second opinion. The handyscope can also be used for trichoscopy and TrichoLAB analyses.

Mole Risk Assessment – The new Moleanalyzer pro introduces Artificial Intelligence to the dermatological practice. The expert tool combines digital analysis of lesion evolution, evaluation according to checklists and a second opinion service with an optional mole risk assessment via an Artificial Intelligence Score, suited for melanocytic and non-melanocytic lesions.

Trichoscopy – All FotoFinder cameras are perfect tools for capturing brilliant trichoscopic images of the hair and scalp. Submitting the pictures to the TrichoLAB Service, an exclusive hair lab of FotoFinder, the photos undergo a detailed statistical analysis and trichoscopic evaluation. As a result, the physician receives a report that can serve as a basis for his diagnosis. In addition, the system offers further analysis features, including the video trichogram.

Psoriasis and PASI Assessment – A world first, FotoFinder PASIvision® allows objective, computer-assisted PASI assessment through a combination of standardized total body photography with the ATBM system and unique skin analysis. The result is an objective quantification of all PASI parameters.

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About Avene

Since 1990 and the creation of the Eau Thermale Avène brand, Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène has been committed to developing a broad, universal, comprehensive range of products, combining the best in dermatological expertise and pharmaceutical rigor, to enable as many people as possible to experience better skin quality and a better quality of life.

The expertise of Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène is rooted in the experience of a hydrotherapy center dedicated to dermatology since 1743, and in the study of an active and powerful thermal spring water with soothing, anti-irritant and calming properties with proven, recognized efficacy. Researchers from Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène are constantly building on their knowledge of the skin and its skin flora (microbiome) in all conditions, from healthy to most troublesome. Thanks to this understanding of the physiological and microbiological mechanisms of sensitive skin, and by carefully selecting innovative active ingredients, they are designing and formulating products with proven efficacy and tolerance tested under dermatological control, developed in line with pharmaceutical standards.

Continuously striving to better meet expectations in terms of efficacy and extreme tolerance for even the most vulnerable skin types, and increasing concerns about the composition of cosmetic products, Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène has gone beyond requirements, creating Sterile Cosmetics. Using a patented process, products with this label only contain ingredients that are useful for the skin, in a pure formula, with no preservatives, and thanks to an exclusive, fully-sealed protective packaging, guaranteeing a safe and effective formula throughout use.

Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène is also committed to preventing skin cancer by setting up partnerships with the European Skin Cancer Foundation (ESCF) and Euromelanoma and by providing doctors with the You Dermoscopy application. They are also playing a role in treating skin side effects associated with cancer treatments, by developing and establishing the Skin and Cancer program.

Eau Thermale Avène. Soothing by nature.



About Boderm

“BODERM Pharmaceutical S.A. is a dynamic pharmaceutical company.

It engages in International market of Medicines, Medical Devices, Food Supplements and Cosmetics.

The company aims to provide innovativion and offers high quality of product and services in favour of consumers health benefit.

Its Medical Devices, Food supplements and Cosmetic-Cosmeceuticals are available in several European countries and International agora under its brand BODERM


About Novartis

Novartis Group has a leading position in the Greek Pharmaceuticals Sector. It has been active in Greece for more than 20 years, with a diversified portfolio including innovative medicines (Novartis), holistic eye care (Alcon) and generics (Sandoz). Novartis’ portfolio includes more than 50 innovative products, many of which are leaders in therapeutic areas such as Cardiometabolic diseases, the Immunology and Dermatology, the Neurosciences, the Respiratory disease, Ophthalmology, Oncology and Hematology.

In Novartis we are inspired by patients and we focus our Corporate Responsibility work in two key areas: expanding access to healthcare and doing business responsibly. We utilize science-based innovation to deliver better patient outcomes. Our vision is to contribute to the evolution of medical practice, always with high levels of responsibility and integrity.

In the period 2013-2015 the company invested 138.2 mio euros in Greek society, through R & D, tax payments, payroll, suppliers, donations and sponsorships, while our investments to approximately 200 clinical trials is more than 18 mio. euros.

We support patients by implementing innovative programs to improve their quality of life and their survival expectancy, in collaboration with scientific and patient community. We consistently support social and scientific initiatives such as drug donations, free medical exams, early access programs to innovative treatments, donations to Public Hospitals and University Clinics for conducting scientific research programs, Also we realize disease awareness and prevention programs, patient rights campaigns and support many patient associations.





















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