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Cutting-edge skin imaging technology by FotoFinder at booths 3 and 7!

Since 1991, FotoFinder is setting the pace in skin imaging worldwide with solutions “Made in Germany”. The brand epitomizes cutting-edge technology for visualizing skin and hair and is present in more than 100 countries. The headquarters are based in Bavaria, with subsidiaries in Italy, Spain and the USA as well as a global partner network. FotoFinder is winner of the Bavarian Export Award and the Red Dot Design Award, and was honored as one of the most innovative companies in Lower Bavaria.

Automated Total Body Mapping – FotoFinder has revolutionized the skin check by introducing the bodystudio ATBM® for Automated Total Body Mapping. It allows a timesaving documentation of the skin surface according to the “two step method of digital follow-up” by intelligently combining dermoscopy and total body photography. The Bodyscan helps to detect new and changed lesions and to identify de novo melanoma at an earliest possible stage. Besides, the ATBM is used in aesthetics and for computerized PASI assessment. The new 2018 ATBM generation offers advanced features that have been approved by key opinion leaders worldwide.

Digital Dermoscopy – FotoFinder dermoscope is the standard of excellence in dermoscopy and mole mapping. The medicam 1000 offers the sharpest images in video dermoscopy with more detail in each pixel and spectacular image sharpness in Full HD live. The new D-Scope IV lens system for polarized and non-polarized images features strong zoom optics and high magnification with a continuous live-zoom. The lightweight alternative, FotoFinder leviacam, is winner of the Red Dot Design Award and stands for ultralight brilliance, delivering a full-size FotoFinder experience in the most compact camera.

FotoFinder also invented the original handyscope, the first mobile connected dermatoscope for iPhone and iPod touch. Pictures can be uploaded to the secure private web space FotoFinder Hub. From there, it is possible to manage images and request a second opinion. The handyscope can also be used for trichoscopy and TrichoLAB analyses.

Mole Risk Assessment – The new Moleanalyzer pro introduces Artificial Intelligence to the dermatological practice. The expert tool combines digital analysis of lesion evolution, evaluation according to checklists and a second opinion service with an optional mole risk assessment via an Artificial Intelligence Score, suited for melanocytic and non-melanocytic lesions.

Trichoscopy – All FotoFinder cameras are perfect tools for capturing brilliant trichoscopic images of the hair and scalp. Submitting the pictures to the TrichoLAB Service, an exclusive hair lab of FotoFinder, the photos undergo a detailed statistical analysis and trichoscopic evaluation. As a result, the physician receives a report that can serve as a basis for his diagnosis. In addition, the system offers further analysis features, including the video trichogram.

Psoriasis and PASI Assessment – A world first, FotoFinder PASIvision® allows objective, computer-assisted PASI assessment through a combination of standardized total body photography with the ATBM system and unique skin analysis. The result is an objective quantification of all PASI parameters.


FotoFinder Systems GmbH
Industriestraße 12
84364 Bad Birnbach, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 8563 97720-0
Fax: +49 (0) 8563 97720-10

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